Add Innovations is a Delhi-NCR based technology company with a product line in Industrial Vision Systems and Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Our vision systems have been implemented to improve production line efficiency, automate and reduce human errors at factories across North India. Our systems are currently used by manufacturers of automobile parts, electrical goods, and garment accessories. We package hardware and software using our scalable, proprietary designs and nimble code which runs on standard windows PC, bringing extremely economical stand-alone products to our clients.

Add Innovations’ ADAS products breaks-down state of the art computer vision and machine learning technology to provide surround view, lane departure warning, driver drowsiness warning, and pedestrian and number plate recognition. Our “CAR-Park” product for low speed maneuvering and parking is fully functional and is being currently evaluated for system integration by several OEMs.

Add Innovations was founded by technology geeks in 2014. At our core, we believe in making technology accessible to the common man and small business owner to maximize its benefits.