All of Add Innovations’ products start with a computer’s seeing. what a human eye would. Once this image is processed, you can do much more. It can detect and recognize an object, and compare it to what it?s seen before. It can categorize, spot defects, or an obstacle. Add Innovations is tapping this capacity to find real world applications in industrial automation (through vision systems) and road safety (ADAS).

Our vision systems products package cameras, sensors, feeders, hoppers, and conveyors along with proprietary image processing code. These products help real world Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) automate their production lines, reduce or eliminate human errors, and become more productive.

Through the clever use of technology and leveraging a global low cost supply chain, we are able to keep our product costs low. Typically the whole inspections routine at an SME can be automated at the cost of employing one or two workers a year. Our vision systems also find applications in optical character recognition (such as our number plate recognition feature in ADAS), biometrics, gesture control, security and surveillance.

Some algorithms we are working on :

  • Scene classification and localization
  • Object detection and recognition
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Facial expression analysis


  • Eye tracker and analysis for inattention to driver drowsiness
  • Hand detection and gesture recognition without any occlusion with mono-vision system
  • Text extraction and recognition
  • Automatic sorting and defect control