Vision Inspection Systems

Add Innovations’ main product line are vision systems for automation of inspections and quality checks in industrial production lines. Replacing manual inspections with our systems will reduce or eliminate errors and maximize line efficiency. We build greenfield systems based on client’s unique requirements and also customizing our existing products in the same industry.

Add Innovations’ products are stand-alone which combines cameras, sensors, conveyors and feeders with our proprietary image processing code to provide a complete solution. Our systems are easily transported and installed and the software runs on standard windows PC. Our nimble products are within reach of most small and medium enterprises, and typically pay for themselves within a year through decreased labor costs and increased efficiency.

Our systems are successfully functioning at production lines in garments, power systems and automotive parts across North India. You can contact us using the link above for more information.

The following matrix lays out the typical functions of machine systems with applicable industries.

Defect Inspection Systems

Vision Systems

One of the most common applications of vision systems is the detection of flaws or defects in a product i.e. detection of O/NG parts on manufacturing line. Our systems can help manufacturers identify scratches,cracks, gaps, pits, deformities in their finished products. Vision system detects and recognizes defects and labels that are not visible to the human eye. The systems can run 24×7 reducing costs and idle time.Our image processing code is so rugged that it can identify defects based on pattern change, change in color or even texture.

Robot Guidance Using Machine Vision

Robot Guidance Using Machine Vision

Vision systems are used in robotic guidance for correctly positioning parts in production lines. The positioning tools determine and recognize the exact location and orientation of parts. Vision systems eliminates the extremely time consuming and error-prone task of physically aligning individual parts manually. Our systems cover a number of key functions in positioning including assembly alignment, automotive part alignment, and PCB component pick and place.

Optical Character Recognition

optical characters

Scanning and identifying optical characters is another key function of vision systems. Applications include reading printed characters and natural language processing or decoding 1D or 2D symbols on the products (such as bar code and QR code). AI offers a complete range of vision systems for Optical Character Recognition and back-end database management, inventory management and analytics software modules.


Broken seal

Verification and auditing of parts and packaged goods is easily accomplished with vision systems. This could be correct positioning of product labels, blisters in pharmaceutical tablet strips, or gaps in bottle caps (pictured). Typically placed at ends of product lines, vision systems doing verification leads to extreme efficiency in sorting and avoid reputational risks due to mistakes.

  • Automotive
  • Food and Packaging
  • Semiconductor
  • General Manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing